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AIG Private Client Group in Action

The following are a few real-life stories of our policies, services and expertise in action:

Stolen Jewelry

A policyholder arrived at his second home to find that it had been burglarized and several pieces of jewelry had been stolen. He reported the incident to the police, then immediately called his independent insurance advisor to ask that a claims adjuster respond as soon as possible. An AIG Private Client Group claims specialist was there within 45 minutes—even before the police arrived. Our claims specialist brought a list providing details about the missing jewelry in order to assist with the police report and the claim. The specialist also came prepared with the names and telephone numbers of two private security companies that could guard the house until the alarm system, damaged in the break-in, could be repaired. AIG Private Client Group also arranged for an emergency board-up vendor to secure doors and windows that had been compromised in the break-in. The policyholder hadn't had a moment to consider these critical exposures and was relieved that we had.

Lost Diamond Bracelet

An AIG Private Client Group policyholder lost her brand-new diamond bracelet and submitted a claim under her homeowners' policy. Though she'd paid $5,000 for the bracelet less than 90 days prior, the homeowners' policy carried a $2,500 deductible, which meant she'd be able to recover only half the value of the missing bracelet. Most insurance companies would have simply honored the deductible and paid out the rest. However, our claims specialist looked a little deeper into our policyholder's coverage. Apparently, she also had a private collections policy, which did not have a deductible. Aware that our private collections policy automatically extends to newly acquired items up to 90 days after purchase, our specialist re-filed the claim under the more precise policy. Our grateful policyholder was able to recover the full value of the lost bracelet.

Bracelet Falls into Marina

While lounging on her boat at the marina, a policyholder felt her diamond bracelet—a gift to commemorate the birth of her child—slip off her wrist and fall into the water. AIG Private Client Group recognized the item's sentimental value. Rather than simply paying the claim, we hired a professional diver. He successfully recovered the bracelet and returned it to our relieved policyholder.

Art and Heirlooms Saved from Hurricane Damage

An AIG Private Client Group claims specialist assessing damage to our policyholders' properties in the immediate aftermath of a hurricane came upon one policyholder's property that had been particularly devastated. Our specialist called the homeowner, who was hundreds of miles away, to report the status of the home. The homeowner was particularly worried about valuable artwork and the family's heirloom silver. With the policyholder on the line, our claims specialist went from room to room, located the artwork and moved it to safety. When the specialist was asked to get a key from a credenza to unlock the closet storing the family silver, he discovered the credenza had washed away in the storm. At the homeowner's request, the closet door was broken open and the silver recovered. All items were then expertly packed and shipped to the policyholder.

All references to claim settlement information are based on the loss being covered by the policy and are subject to change without prior notice.

Last updated Tuesday, December 4th, 2018

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